Welcome to Brian Shin Residential, a one-stop shop for all real estate needs. Buying, selling, or investing in Brian Shin Residential is highly achievable with the help of experienced Brian Shin, who lends a unique perspective in the home buying and selling process. Brian’s background in marketing/management degree, excellent customer service, a sense of locality makes for a winning combination in helping homebuyers and sellers alike achieve their real estate goals.

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Why Us?

Targeted Marketing

Selecting the right target audience is crucial. However, we refuse to miss-market your home and apologise later. Customising marketing route and strategic sale plan based on:

  • Comparative Market Analysis
  • Comparative Advantage Theory

Again, we strongly believe real estate agent should be a marketing expert!Learn More »

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Keeping our clients & customers happy is easy as ABC:

  • Speed of response
  • Stick to the plan and focus
  • Treat customer superior
  • Follow-up is crucial

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No Obligation

We don‟t get paid until we deliver the result and it is 100% on your decision, we are only trusted-advisors. However, remember this; Would you like a marketing program that will make you happy or one that will get you the best price?Learn More »


We understand buying or selling real estate could be one of your biggest decision making behaviour; this job is highly responsible!

“It’s the process not the promise of a price that will get you top dollar.”Learn More »

Top Class Oriented

Nobody is perfect. Hence, open to feedback and criticism. We invest sufficient time to train, monitor ourselves weekly, eager to learn from what successful people do and think. Our number one goal is simple; exceed your expectations!Learn More »

What You Choose to Receive?

Information is power & money. so contact us now as you maybe find useful to receive:

  • ‘Market Review’ document for your suburb
  • Just listed or sold calls on your street
  • ‘Property Alert’ for current seekers

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Our Team

Brian Shin – Lead Agent

“Yesterday’s home runs don’t win Today’s games”

-Babe Ruth-

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